Essential Zen Habits of 2020

What a freaking year it’s been. I don’t need to tell you. It’s been chaos and grief and frustration and anxiety and much more.

It’s also been a year of growth for me, and for my mission. In fact, in that area, it’s been one of the best years ever.

In this post, I’ll share some of my best posts of the year, but also some huge highlights of the year for me and Zen Habits. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this blog for 14 years now!

In the next week, I’ll also be sharing opportunities to create something huge for yourself with some of my offerings. More on that soon!

A Year of Growth

This year my team & I launched Fearless Mastery, my mastermind program aimed at helping people train in the uncertainty of their meaningful missions. It was the biggest thing I’ve ever launched, and one of the most rewarding. We worked with some incredible leaders in the mastermind — they were truly incredible.

Here are some highlights from my past year:

  • Launched Fearless Mastery twice (May and November), connected with some amazing people committed to doing good in the world.
  • Held our Fearless Intensive distributed retreat in October — it was incredibly powerful.
  • Had wonderful years with my Sea Change habit program and Fearless Training (helping people train with the uncertainty of their meaningful work).
  • Dove deeper into 1-on-1 coaching — training as a coach, hiring my own coach. I elevated myself to new levels as a coach, and working with my clients was very very rewarding.
  • Moved from San Diego to the L.A. area in May, to be closer to family.
  • Continued studying the Zen precepts with my teacher and a group of Zen students.
  • Dove deep with my incredible team (shout out to Coyote & Phil!) — we worked with consciousness and intention.
  • Held a Fearless Purpose workshop at SF Zen Center in March with my Zen teacher, Susan O’Connell
  • We launched a new redesign of Zen Habits in February (don’t worry, still very minimalist!)
  • Appeared on some incredible podcasts: Tim Ferriss: Leo Babauta on Zen Habits, Antifragility, Contentment, and Unschooling | The Minimalists: Zen Living | Waking Up app with Sam Harris: The Wisdom of Uncertainty

I travelled the least I’ve travelled in the last 15 years, because of this pandemic. It was actually pretty great staying at home — I did a lot of walking, some running and strength training, a bunch of meditation, and lots of coaching and creating.

More incredible things coming in 2021!

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